Who I work with

I work with individuals with a passion for expressing themselves through their voice - be it classical, musical theatre, pop or jazz.

I offer preparation for talent competitions and have firsthand experience of the reality TV show Britain's Got Talent.

I work with singers looking for guidance through the delicate transition from Music School/Conservatoire to a fully fledged career in the music industry.

I work with singers who have lost their way mid career and require a plan of action to move forward to the next phase.

I work with students, professionals and hobbyists.

My aim is to develop a working relationship with the client, listening to their needs and working on their individual goals and aspirations.

Fortune favours the prepared mind
— Dr. louis pasteur

Career Advice

With my twenty years experience in the music industry, I have lots to share and enjoy using what I've tried and tested to help others advance at the rate they deserve. My 'Coffee Consultations' can be arranged at any mutually agreed venue.

*Please note - appointments outside of London may incur a further travel charge.



Often we require a fresh pair of ears to help us get the best out of our performance. Whether its just for a studio session or part of a rehearsal, I will be your go-to person for feedback. I will take instructions from you as to what you'd like to achieve.


Online sessions

I'm also happy to take SKYPE appointments for added convenience. Just specify your goals and desires and I will help you to reach them.